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Protect newly installed artificial turf, your home’s floors, save your furniture from fading, or reduce your AC bill!

Our UV-protection, Solar Screens San Diego products will protect and increase the longevity of your most prized possessions. These protective screens will save your hardwood floors from sun exposure, reduce heat for lowered AC bills, all while still allowing for easy airflow & breeze. This material made by Phifer is available in different protective grades, you can choose the level of sunlight you want to block or allow in. We stock the 80%  black due to the balance of allowing some sunlight in, but still providing the protection and benefits needed. Please ask about different blockages and colors available (some are special order only).

First and Second Story UV Phifer Solar Screens

Solar Screens San Diego Protection Benefits

  • Protect artificial grass – as more residents in San Diego begin to replace their outdoor areas with drought resistant artificial turf, you will need to keep the sun’s reflection off of the windows onto the ground from burning spots into your new lawn.
  • Heat reduction up to 20 degrees – afternoon sun in popular areas of your home can cause significant heat increases, uncomfortable living conditions, and increased AC & power bills.
  • Full-coverage protection – where traditional window screens cover only half of the window, these full-coverage solar screens are designed to affix from the exterior of the entire window to protect the interior of your home, or the turf outside as the sun moves constantly throughout the day and at different locations during the year.
  • Keep the aesthetics of your home – our multiple color frame options allow us to help you choose what will look best with your house color and keep within HOA regulations.
  • Sun exposure protection – preserve your floors, carpet color, photographs, furniture and even your bed linens from fading away with over exposed sunlight.
  • Protect from unwanted dust – keep the wanted air flow of standard screen mesh, while keeping outdoor debris from blowing into your home with the thicker/tighter weave.

For Doors & Windows

  • Window Screens on Ground and Upper Levels
  • Fixed / Non-operable (picture) Windows or Casement Crank Windows
  • Sliding Patio Screen Doors
  • Swinging Single Doors or Double Doors
  • Stocked availability in 80% blockage (black mesh only); other blockage percentage options available upon special order
First and Second Story UV Phifer Solar Screens

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