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San Diego, CA

Every home and business owner appreciates the beautiful scenery and weather that San Diego offers. In order to enjoy the sun and breeze yet keep bugs out, we offer San Diego window screen and door screen installation services which include: new installations, repair of existing screens, and upgrade options. We have many requests for security screen door repair and the repair of pet door screens. Call 760-525-0990 or submit a request here to see what we can do for you.


New Window or Door Screen Installations

If you have always wanted the convenience and functionality of a screen door, this is the time to act. Mobile Speed Screens is a mobile establishment so we come to you when you need screen door San Diego services. Our carpeted flatbed truck will keep your new screens and screen doors in pristine condition as we work.


Window or Door Screen Repairs

With sun-exposure, weathering, and the passage of time, your existing screens may become brittle and worn out (looking like snake skin). Similarly, screen door frames may be bent or broken due to years of usage and high traffic. We can re-screen your screen mesh and replace your frames with new, color-matching frames. If you have swinging screen doors which are compromised, it is important to get those fixed as soon as possible. Call us and we will repair your standard, pet, and swinging screen doors promptly.


Screen Door Upgrades

If you are renovating your home and giving it a new look, consider upgrading your existing window and door screens with our variety of options. Sliding screen doors are measured for, and assembled on-site to ensure the right fit. Swinging screen doors come in a variety of styles and colors to match your existing home elements. Retractable screen doors are great for keeping the open aesthetic to your doorway while warding off unwanted intruders.


Screen Mesh Upgrades


Window or Door Hardware Upgrades

For ocean or beach side properties, we recommend stainless steel hardware. These will withstand the ocean winds and salty air which causes rusting or corrosion. Corroded wheels and screws on screen doors will tend to “lock up” and not roll smoothly. Stainless steel hardware upgrades will resist corrosion for a longer period of time against the elements.


San Diego Property Management Screen Door Services

Our team has been providing window & door screen services to property management companies for tenant improvements at commercial and residential properties throughout San Diego County for over a decade and a half. Property managers, and their clients trust our team of technicians to provide the highest quality service, coupled with affordable pricing, and attention to detail, while servicing their tenants and properties alike. Additionally our company is bonded and insured for each job we perform. Our experts are here to make this easier for your property management requests, and we look forward to servicing you soon!

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